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Kepler Neighborhood School

1462 Broadway St

Fresno, CA 93721

(559) 495-0849


The National Alliance for Public Charter Schools defines charter schools as:

“Independently-operated public schools that have the freedom to design classrooms that meet their students’ needs. All charter schools operate under a contract with a charter school authorizer – usually a nonprofit organization, government agency, or university – that holds them accountable to the high standards outlined in their “charter.”

Charter schools are typically allowed to be more creative with their teaching methods and models and are held accountable for student performance. Charter schools also cultivate strong partnershipsamong parents, students, teachers, staff, and community membersthat foster positive student growth and community involvement. Additionally, charter schools promote the following behaviors:

  • Parents are urged to be involved in their student’s educational achievement
  • Teachers are given the freedom to innovate and discover successful new teaching models
  • Students are encouraged to learn and try new things 

Charter schools give teachers and staff more flexibility to try new and innovative teaching methods that challenge and engage students. This flexibility allows charter schools to develop new models that successfully improve student learning and retention. Charter schools also ensure that all individuals involved—including teachers, staff, and the local community—are held accountable. If students are not improving, charter schools can assess the situation and quickly implement changes such as adjusting the curriculum or providing additional educational support.


Kepler is a charter school that was established under a charter through the Fresno County Unified School District in 2012. Around 2017, Kepler left Fresno County Unified School District and invested in a comprehensive stakeholder engagement process to better understand the organization’s strengths, areas of growth, and desired change for the future.

No, enrollment and tuition are free at Kepler.

If you would like to apply or to learn more about Kepler’s enrollment process, please call (559) 495-0849. You can also apply online.

Fall 2024 Enrollment is open!

Interested in attending Kepler? We are currently accepting new students in grades TK-8.