Kepler’s Mission:

At Kepler, we foster a culture of joy and purpose in learning, dedicated to cultivating well-educated, ethical, compassionate, and innovative individuals within our community. Rooted in our commitment to Kepler’s 4 Cs – Creativity, Community, Curiosity, and Character – we guide our students to discover their deepest values and connect them to every aspect of their educational journey, creating a profound and motivating experience.


Furthermore, we emphasize the conscious creation of a positive school environment, recognizing the importance of striking a balance between the rigors of academic progress and the enjoyment of learning. This balance, influenced by Kepler’s 4 Cs, is fundamental to authentic learning experiences, fostering an atmosphere where both work and play contribute to the holistic development of our students.


Is Kepler right for your child?

Discover the incredible diversity within our student community, hailing from vibrant neighborhoods and diverse backgrounds! Immerse your child in the transformative charter school experience—a tailor made solution for:

Passionate parents seeking a plethora of educational choices for their children. Enthusiastic learner who thrive in an environment dedicated to their unique learning styles. 

Families yearning for a school that seamlessly blends flexibility with unwavering accountability. Embrace the educational journey with us where every student finds their path to success!


What is Kepler’s Culture like?


At Kepler, we envision more than just a school; we imagine an integrated, thriving collective. Here, students adults collaborate harmoniously, working hand in hand to craft innovative solutions to shared challenges. Our culture  is not just that nurtures growth and celebrates achievements. Join Kepler, where every member contributes to a culture that inspires collaborations, creativity, and a shared vision for a brighter future!