Kepler's Mission

We inspire joy and purpose in learning to develop well-educated, ethical, caring, effective, and innovative members of the community.

We believe that connecting to our deepest values and finding purpose in all we do leads to a deep and motivating experience. In our school community, we actively seek to nurture a love of learning in every scholar by helping them connect their lessons directly to their values and lives.

As adults, we model this by consciously connecting our work to our values and purpose and bringing joy into our relationships and the world. We believe meaning, purpose, and joy drive us to persevere in our pursuit of excellence.


We also believe a positive school environment can be consciously created, and that balancing the work and play of progress is essential for authentic learning.

Learning today, leading tomorrow

At Kepler, we foster a culture of joy and purpose in learning, dedicated to cultivating well-educated, ethical, compassionate, and innovative individuals within our community. Rooted in our commitment to Kepler’s 4 Cs – Creativity, Community, Curiosity, and Character – we guide our students to discover their deepest values and connect them to every aspect of their educational journey, creating a profound and motivating experience.

Furthermore, we emphasize the conscious creation of a positive school environment, recognizing the importance of striking a balance between the rigors of academic progress and the enjoyment of learning. This balance, influenced by Kepler’s 4 Cs, is fundamental to authentic learning experiences, fostering an atmosphere where both work and play contribute to the holistic development of our students.

Our Four Values

Icon of a school with three pillars


I demonstrate grit, gratitude, and responsibility.

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I am inquisitive and take initiative in my learning. 

Icon featuring two hands holding up a heart.


I build relationships to create a better world.

Icon of a flower in a pot


I am innovative and try new things in an effort to grow.